Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is it December yet??

Our stuff is gone! They packed and crated everything Thursday and Friday, so we're living on *loaner furniture*. And let me tell ya, that stuff is not pretty! The kids are enjoying all the room to run around in the house. We talked to the lady that works for the builders and they've finished drywalling and pouring the sidewalks and driveway!! And the're going to start on the cabinets next week! They're really moving along and I still have hopes of getting in the house before Christmas. Well, I have a workshop later and have some time to stamp now that all the packing is done (plus dh is gone for a few days!). Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

WAHOO!! So happy for you, Angel!! Hope things keep progressing well on the house for you to be in by C'mas! =)

Tara said...'ll be here before you know it!!! I feel so bad I haven't done pics for a few weeks...the sick thing just took over my life though...I am going to head over there sometime this week to take pics for you!! :)