Sunday, November 18, 2007

More fun coloring

Here's a card I did for the Featured Stamper challenge on SCS. Today's FS is Shelly (papermoon) and man, her gallery is gorgeous! I'm so hooked on this new set, I don't know when I'll put it down!! I colored again with my trusty ol' SU markers. Such *happy* colors!

On a different note, we only have 15 days here until it's time to get on a plane! And let me tell you, I'm having quite a bit of anxiety over flying. I just do NOT like to fly. And to think of my entire family on a plane, just physically makes me ill. So, if anyone has any words of wisdom or advice on how to deal with this or if you just share my fear, please let me know! I pray and pray and pray every night that I we will have a safe flight. I'm just having a stressful time with this move (did I remember to pack this, do I have all of our important papers, etc...). I just want things to go smoothly. Ok, I vented enough ~ thanks for listening (ok, reading)!!!!


CresceNet said...
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Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

So adorable Angel...great colors and flowers!

KOstvig said...

The card is adorable

Jessica (knutsen24) said...

How have I not seen your blog before?! Your work is amazing, I'll definitely be adding it to my faves!