Monday, June 23, 2008

Double tag!!

I've been tagged twice! First by Silvia, (thanks for the really kind words!!) and also by, Deb (Beadn&Stampn). So here it goes:

1. I occasionally (like once every couple of months) drink Hershey's chocolate syrup out of the bottle. (I've done it for years, and yes, I have a very bad sweet tooth!)
2. I taught myself how to drive a stick shift after I bought my first car, an orange VW Golf, in a village near the base I was stationed in Sembach AB, GE.
3. Along the lines of #1, when I was about 7 or 8, I used to pour sugar out of my mom's Tupperware sugar container, right into my hands and eat it ~ until I got busted one day. (told you I had a bad sweet tooth!)
4. I love playing Texas Hold 'Em.
5. I would much rather do yard work, than housework.
6. I'm a horrible swimmer. Don't know why, but the water scares me.
7. I was the first baby born in my city on New Years Day ~ got my pic in the paper and received all kinds of prizes from local stores and such. Pretty cool, not that I remember!!

Now, who to tag???
1. Sara ~
2. Tara ~
3. Leslie ~
4. Holly ~
5. Miss Boo ~
6. Becky ~
7. Shelly ~

Now, if I can just squeeze in some stamping!!!! Maybe tonight...


Shelly said...

Thanks Angel, I'll try to get to it but I have to go to the hospital. Just got the call that my Dad was admitted for tests, sounds like his heart...

nitestamper said...

I enjoyed reading some facts about you, angel !!!pretty cool stuff
thought you'd might like to claim this award. please visit my blog

JAR said...

What fun and interesting facts! I don't know how to swim at all! Hershey's syrup out of the bottle???? lol