Friday, July 4, 2008

Hmmm, what do ya think?

First of all, Happy Fourth of July everybody!!!! I know, it's almost over! Just squeezing in some blog time before I get to bed.
Second, what do you think of the new banner??? Too bold? Seriously, I wanna know! I took this pic of this little flower in the flower pot outside my front door today. I used the color swap option on my camera and thought it came it kinda cool, so I decided to play around with it for a bit. Ok, let me know what ya think ~ keep it or put the other one back up???
Hoping to stamp tomorrow before we go to my middle one's baseball tournament. If not, then I'll have to wait til Sunday evening!!! Hope everyone had a safe 4th and a wonderful weekend!!


Shelly said...

Very cool banner Angel!

Tara said...

I love turned out very cool!! I love that you always play around with your banner and have new ones up...I am not that adventurous yet! :) I think you should keep this one for a while! :)

Cathy Rulli said...

I think it's cool!!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

I love it. keep it! That flower is awesome. Stacy